Coin Identifier Coin Snap

Coin Identifier Coin Snap is a powerful mobile application that utilizes AI-driven image recognition technology to accurately identify any coin within seconds.


Explain Like I’m Five (ELI5) is a website that simplifies complex topics using AI so that even a child can understand them. Users can select a specific topic and choose how dumbed-down they want the explanation to be, ranging from “really dumb” to “really smart”. Some examples are – “How do computers work?” and “What […]

Otter AI

Capture and share insights from your meetings. Otter records meetings, take notes in real-time, and generates an automated summary to share with everyone and to help you remember everything.

Adobe Sensei

Creating and offering the ideal customer experience can be complicated tasks. Sensei uses AI and machine learning to make these tasks easier, helping you streamline the creative process, make informed decisions, and target marketing for better results.

Unlock the full potential of GPT-3 with our intuitive Template Engine. Quickly generate custom output tailored to your repeated needs and share them with the world. It can help you out in content management, university & work, and software development.


FlowGPT: Share, discover, and learn about the most useful ChatGPT prompts that help you streamline your tasks and increase productivity.


Rationale is an app that helps entrepreneurs and managers in making tough decisions. Simply enter your pending decision and their AI powered app will list pros and cons or generate a SWOT analysis to help you weigh your options

Bright Eye

Bright Eye is a multipurpose AI app that has multiple tools to satisfy your your interests in AI as a mobile user. Among its tools are art/image generation, code generation, essay and poem generation, and text extraction and image captioning.

A comprehensive platform for all your research processing. Smart search and a wide range of smart filters, reading list analysis, auto-generated summaries, autonomous extraction and systematizing of data.


Summarize any Slack channel or thread in one click. theGist algorithm goes over the conversation, and instantly creates a short summary for you.